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European Gamefowl

Boxing Community

The Sport

Gamefowl-boxing is a sport where gamefowl compete against each other with protected heels. Plastic caps are placed
onto the birds natural spurs and fixed with tape to prevent lethal injuries to the birds. The game is purely decided on physical and mental qualities like gameness, endurance, stamina and intelligence. It resembles human boxing and it is the best way to show all the qualities of these magnificent birds. Remark: all bouts are organized in legal cockpits (gallodromes) situated in Northern France (Province du Nord & Province Bad Calais). Birds are matched according the Mouchin rules (see below). All participating parties agree to these rules and accept the full authority of the referee.

The "Mouchin" Rules
The rules of the gamefowl-boxing game (click the image)

"Boxing Gloves"
Sample pictures of gamefowl boxing gloves

(click image for detailed picture)

Event Calendar
Where and when activities are organized

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