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European Gamefowl

Boxing Community

The "Mouchin" Rules

The referee is agreed on by both parties and has total authority over the battle.

Cockpit Dimensions
The pit diameter is 2.3 meters. The sides are well padded.

Battle Weights
The cocks are matched by weight.
Less than 3000 g less than 3500 g
Less than 3100 g less than 3600 g
Less than 3200 g less than 3700 g
Less than 3300 g less than 3800 g
Less than 3400 g less than 3900 g
Less than 4000 g

Fighting Condition
The cocks are in their natural aspect except :
The feathers which may be trimmed or repaired
The spurs which must be covered by boxing spurs.
The cocks are inspected to check that nails and beak are not sharpened and that there is no poison and or grease on.
Each cock is washed with a damp cloth and a few drops are poured deep in the throat.
The cocks are taken in the hand and confrontated by pecking each other. Then the cocks are set in the pit.
The fight is on when both cocks start kicking.

Fight Duration
The fight lasts 5 rounds of 18 minutes each with 2 minutes rest.
The end of the round stops the count of 1 minute for down position and the count of 2 minutes for inactivity but not the test for running away.
During 2 minutes rest time, in sight of everybody, only water, a cloth and a feather may be used by the handler.
At the end of the rest, cocks are set in the pit, if necessary neck to neck.

Lost Fight
If one cock is down for 30 seconds on a row while the opponent is standing up. A cock is told to be down when any part of his body : beak, back, shanks - except his feet, makes contact with the floor.
If one cock runs away. If dispute, the referee asks cocks to be handled and faced beak to beak 3 times. The fight is on again if the suspicious cock pecks or tries to peck his opponent.
If one cock intentionally flies over the wall 3 times. Each time he is suspected of running away.
If the handler wants to leave the battle.

If the maximum fighting time is expired.
Incase of inactivity i.e. both cocks do not kick or peck at each other for 2 minutes in a row.
If one cock runs away during the first 2 minutes.

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